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Global Scouse Day warms the hearts of Liverpool

Last Friday was a special day amongst the people of Liverpool and tourists alike, as Global Scouse Day gripped the city.

Scouse is traditional beef or lamb stew that has been enjoyed by many generations and is of course why people from Merseyside are known as ‘scousers’.  The word ‘scouse’ originated from the word Lobscouse, which was a stew often enjoyed by sailors in Northern Europe and was brought to Liverpool through our famous ports.

To celebrate this delicious local dish, many bars, cafes and restaurants added scouse to their menu, allowing locals and first-timers to enjoy the delicacy that has bought comfort and happiness to families across the region for many years. Resataurants serving up scouse for the day included the London Carriage Works, Liverpool Yacht Club, Lauras Little Bakery, Ego restaurant, Lunya, and the Side door bistro.

Liberated Liverpool headed down to Maggie May’s on Bold Street, where they were hosting a competition to find the best scouse in Liverpool – entitled The Great Liverpudlian Scouse-off!

Maggie May’s opened in 1996 and remains a family run business with local meals being the pride of the restaurant so their warm and friendly environment was the perfect location for the competition. Homemade scouse is a permanent part of the menu at Maggie May’s and is even available in a microwavable pouch to take away and cook at home, following the success of their ‘scouse in a can’. The Bold Street café has also featured on Micheal Portillo’s Great Railway Journeys and The Paul O Grady Show.

Entrants from across the city took it in turns to reheat their dish in hope of winning the top prize. Judges for the event included Lord Mayor Cllr Gary Millar and local historian Frank Carlyle.

After four gruelling heats,  four people were battling it out in the final to see if they could earn the crown for the best scouse in Liverpool.

The competition results are posted below:

1) Pauline Corvers

2) Nancy Mooney

3) Giles Furman

Pauline Corvers, winner of the competition was over the moon and told Liberated Liverpool the two secrets to a good scouse. Good quality meat and patience.

Andy, from Maggie May’s was also kind enough to let us try their home made recipe which was a perfect way to warm up after a long day. Personally, we preferred our scouse with just a fresh loaf of crusty bread and butter, rather than the traditional side of beetroot or cabbage. Head on down to Maggie May’s and try it for yourself or visit their website.

Do you think you know somebody who could give cometition winner Pauline a run for her money? Have you been blown away by a local dish at a restaurant in town? Get in touch with us by leaving a comment! We would love to hear from you!

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